Free Fahad

Twenty-Seven year old Syed Hashmi currently sits in a cell in the special housing unit of NYC’s Metropolitan Facility awaiting trial. Syed was extradited to the U.S from the U.K as a result of an indictment filed in May 2006 on charges that he conspired to provide support to a terror group overseas. There was a detention hearing in New York and the government stated Syed allowed his acquaintance Junaid Babar to stay at Syed’s apartment in the UK. It is claimed that Junaid had items destined for Afghanistan and all Syed did according to the U.S Government was allow Junaid to stay a couple of days, allow Junaid to use Syed’s cell phone, and help Junaid carry his luggage to the cab.

 Who is Syed Hashmi?

Known to friends and family as Fahad, He is a loving, caring, deeply religious man. Fahad who grew up and lived in New York was a political science graduate, traveled to London seeking his master’s degree in the same field. Shortly after his graduation he was arrested, and remains in custody.

Everyone finds themselves at a loss of words when attempting to describe him. Fahad’s positive impact on his family, friends, and community was unquestionable. He always strived to seek knowledge, strengthen his own character, and teach whatever he had learned.  Fahad was active in the propagation of Islam, and general da’wah work. He was a humanitarian, an activist, and undoubtedly an integral part of the Muslim community. His outspoken and active nature placed him in the public eye, however he was always well prepared to elaborate on any discourse and defend his ideas. Everyone knows Fahad Hashmi as an intellectual, an academic, and at times a dissident, however the furthest thing away from a militant. He has no criminal record, no history of drugs, or violence. Always amicable, and respectable, Fahad is deeply missed by all his friends, family and the Muslim community as whole.

 The Case:

During Fahad’s extradition hearing little was presented to support any case against him other than the claim that The United States Government was acting in “good faith”.  The U.S. Government is relying solely upon testimony from Junaid Babar, a man who traveled to England and also Canada to testify against Muslims. Junaid’s globetrotting began after he entered in to an agreement with the F.B.I subsequent to his conviction. Junaid having much to gain fabricated this story about Fahad resulting in Fahad’s 23 hours of solitary confinement. The United States Government is now seeking to make a spectacle of Fahad, presenting an oral testimony from Junaid with no corroborating evidence. 

 Fahad Hashmi is not a criminal. He deserves the same freedom that we all enjoy. Fahad is being punished for exercising his first amendment right to free speech, and religion. They plan to convict Fahad based upon his vocal objections to US foreign policy. Fahad Hashmi has been stripped of his rights because he was a strong, outspoken Muslim. Our community can not sit by and let this happen without a fight. A fight for our rights to voice opinions that may be unpopular in this current environment regardless of how sincere or well meaning those peaceful expressions may be. We ask Allah to have mercy on him, and to allow for his immediate release. We remind you all of the teaching of Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him): “Allah will aid a servant [of His] so long as the servant aids his brother” [Narrated by Abu Huraira and recorded in Saheeh Muslim] 

Please remember our brother and his family in your prayers

Make checks payable to:  Friends of Anwar Hashmi,  27 -1 0 Hoyt   Ave. Astoria, NY 11102


7 Responses to “Free Fahad”

  1. -- Says:

    May the innocent of this world be protected with safety and comfort, and may his trial persist with only the truth — Ameen.

  2. Amatullah Says:

    pls can u give details on how/where we can write to this brother, and also are cheques the only method of payment? jzk

  3. freefahad Says:

    Under the current administrative measures (SAMs) Fahad is unfortunately not allowed to send or recieve any mail. He in essence is blocked off from all communication with the outside world. However if you wish to write a letter please do so and email it to us. Once the restrictions are lifted, the letter will be go through a process (lawyers, courts, etc) before it reaches him. If these letters do not reach him, we will keep them for him until he is released insha allah.

    With regards to the donations, we are currently in the process of providing other options so please visit us again for the updates.

  4. al-Furqaan Says:

    as-Salaamu 3laykum Wr Wb

    How Can You Send Money For The brothers Case if You Dont Live iN The USA ?

    Is Paypal an Option ??

    Jazaakh’Allaah Khayr

  5. Abu Muthana Says:

    I swear by Allah i can only think of maybe a couple of brothers who would be worthy to be on the same level as Fahad.
    Those who did not meet him truly it was your loss.
    A brother who made you feel like you were the biggest thing in his life.
    I swear by Allah i never saw anything but good from this brother and even if he had 3 wives i would insist that my daughter be his fourth. That is what i feel for this modern day Muwahid.

    Walahi Fahad i love you so much for the sake of Allah. May Allah bring you to me once again. Walahi akhi my heart pines for you and to see your smile once again.

  6. friend Says:

    asalam alikum, heres a photo of fahad a few months before he was arrested, in fact 10 months before

  7. Abu Muthana Says:

    My brothers will the talk on Saturday 2nd Feb be recorded? If not then i beg you to do so. Many many of us wait hungerly for any information about the brother and would love to just hear anything about him.
    PLEASE PLEASE record it!!
    I will make non stop dua for any brother who records it and posts it for us to hear.
    Even if you want to email me and send it that is no problems.

    JazakAllah Khair brothers May Allah(swt) reward you.

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